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▪   Mr. Jan Jansri - 1st Retirement employee of SEIKO PRECISION (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

       On 15 May'17, We had a retirement ceremony for Mr.Jan Jansri (driver position) who is the first retirement employee of SEIKO PRECISION (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

       He started to work with us since 1995 until 2017 for total 28 years. All of the time, he is really a perfect driver that no any trouble from him. He is a good role model for us.

       On behalf of SEIKO PRECISION (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., we greatly appreciate his kindness.

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Our Members !!!

The SEIKO PRECISION (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 in Nava Nakorn Estate area, Pathumthani. More than 30 years stable consumer manufacturing company and create people ready to create an organization. It is happy, prosperous, sustainable organization created by genius of everyone in the organization. Make organizations more opportunities for people and created quality to society.

Sale : Lasida Sukwongchan

SPT is my second home.

Because I feel warm and happy like I am with my family.

My colleague take care and support me so much.

I’m proud to be a part of SPT because SPT is huge company and very famous.

Purchase : Kawin Sriaurai

This is second time of me join working with SEIKO PRECISION (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

I feel not difference same as the first time of join working in SPT. I still happiness and warm.

The SPT similar as my home, school, play yard and are everything for me. And all time that I come to working I feel happiness and most enjoy working. I would like to say thank you to all management team of SPT are given me a chance for comeback to join working again.

Engineer : Prapimporn Kasakul

The impression for SPT are

1. Always learning and develop skill

2. Having Know-how and use the new technology

3. Having teamwork and help together

I’m proud to be a part of SPT because SPT is huge company and very famous.

Human Resource : Sabaithip Kosol

I started working at SPT since 1996 and this is only one company that I started my career from graduated until now 20 years that I am working at HR Department.

I got many experiences from HR Department. My boss is very nice, my colleague and junior in HR team are working together like a teamwork.

It’s a feeling of hospitality. We can rotate all operate as multi-function and made we strong.

Quality Assurance : Somkiat Loomnork

Since year 1997 are 20 years ago of working at SPT.

The impression for SPT are

Family = A similar of my second home

Teacher = A similar of university

SPT = Give a chance and develop me to strengthen and value

I’m very happy and great feeling to joint as SPT family.

Production : Jittima Lekkla

I'm very excited and glad to be a part of SPT that a great company and all of people know well.

Since I worked at SPT until now for 12 years, I appreciate SPT that treat and support me with kindness in working and welfare.

SPT made me happy and made my life better. I promise I will return the favour to SPT with my hard work for attain success as much as I can do. I will do my best with everything and continually keep SPT family relation.

Factory Automation : Anuruk Wongtow

The impression with SPT, I worked at SPT until now for 8 years.

First time I worried in everythings including the things that haven't happened. Because I must adjust oneself with work system and the job on duty but I'm happy.

When the time had pass I realize that if we have a good colleague, good company although the job is hard, we can make it through and SPT made me feel like that.